A soap to remember..

I have always been so intrigued by the art of soap making and decided to finally indulge my curiosity by joining an online formulating class called Karma Suds.

So far I have completed cold process and hot processed bar soap making and next up is liquid soaps! My absolute favorite recipe in the bar soap course is this beautiful, gentle, rich goat milk soap. 

If you are the least bit curious about how to make your own soap then i definitely recommend checking out karma suds (link below) The instructions and videos are easy to follow and every bar i’ve made so far has been a success. Not to mention, the patchy dry skin that i have had on my elbows and knees for the last 31 yrs of my life has disappeared..coincidence? I think not.

This lovely soap contains coconut oil, organic goats milk, peppermint oil, almond oil, olive oil and last but certainly not least the jojoba oil. 
I now make it a point to include jojoba oil in all my bar soaps and home made skin masks, this amazing essential oil truly is the holy grail for dry skin.

Check out Karma Suds @ —> http://www.soapmakingschool.com/

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